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Accent RAR Password Recovery

Accent RAR Password Recovery - is the professional solution for recovering lost passwords to RAR and WinRAR archives. The search algorithm is uniquely optimized for all modern AMD and Intel processors, and the software supports GPU computing on ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards. All this power comes with a surprisingly simple interface. With Accent RAR Password Recovery, it’s fast and easy to retrieve passwords like a pro.

Key Advantages
Supports RAR 3.x archives
Achieves top speed on all AMD and Intel processors
Searches up to 40 times* faster with ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards
Simple and easy to use
Best performance for the price

Accent RAR Password Recovery supports RAR3 format and can easily recover passwords to archives created in other versions of WinRAR, all the way back to WinRAR 2.90.
The software is optimized for all modern Intel and AMD processors.
Accent RAR Password Recovery uses ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards to boost search speeds up to 40* times faster on each card. The software uses GPU technology to retrieve passwords for all supported archives.
The power of modern graphics cards gives an incredible performance boost, and their flexibility, scalability and affordability make Accent RAR Password Recovery the optimal solution for recovering lost WinRAR passwords.
Accent RAR Password Recovery Features

Fully supports RAR 3.x archives
Works three ways, using brute force, mask and dictionary attacks
Offers the option of automated password recovery using preset parameters
Lets the user set password mutation rules for dictionary attacks
Leverages GPU computing technology to recover passwords to files with AES encryption
Graphic interface is easy to use
Runs on Windows 7 and early Windows systems


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